Professional Liability

Medical Malpractice

We represent physicians, dentists, nurses, physician assistants, hospitals and long-term care facilities accused of delivering substandard medical treatment. We give each case the highest priority and aggressively defend all aspects of the litigation. Our defense plan includes investigation into the medical issues and facts and consultation with respected experts in the specialties involved. We have an extensive knowledge of medicine, acquired through many years of experience, which gives us a commanding advantage in the courtroom. We frequently advise hospitals and physicians with regard to developing procedures and policies aimed at reducing their liability exposure. We regularly counsel hospitals and physicians concerning potential claims and the general risk management concerns that every health care provider faces in this litigious age.

Defense of Non-Medical Professionals

When a transaction, business venture, or project sours, parties often look to insured professionals to pay for losses. Real estate professionals, accountants, architects, engineers and others are often subjected to claims for negligence, negligent misrepresentation, unfair trade practices, and malpractice. We have extensive experience with the applicable law, underlying facts and professional standards involved in these claims. We aggressively defend professionals accused of negligence in their practice. Where possible, we seek early dismissal of such charges, and in all cases, our defense strategy is mindful of the fact that a professional's judgment has been questioned.

Professional Licensing and Administrative Proceedings

A professional’s license is perhaps the most important piece of property he or she possesses. Licensing boards have become increasingly active in restricting the licenses and privileges of the professionals whom they govern. Many professionals wrongly assume that licensing and administrative proceedings are informal and pose little threat to their livelihoods. Our approach is to ensure that such proceedings are treated with due regard for their potential repercussions. We protect our clients’ rights by fully preparing them for the proceedings and by demonstrating our clients' qualifications to practice in their profession. We handle evidentiary hearings before these professional boards, actions against boards that exceeded their authority, and appellate procedures to vindicate clients who received improper hearings. We also represent professionals before hospital credentialing boards, before professional societies, and in federal administrative proceedings involving the patient anti-dumping law (EMTALA).