Other Practice Areas

Environmental Litigation

Our firm has expertise throughout a wide scope of environmental litigation. We represent clients before state environmental agencies and in complex environmental insurance coverage cases. We also represent clients in suits to recover payments made and damages incurred as a result of environmental contamination, and we defend our clients against private and governmental actions seeking to compel them to pay for such clean-ups. Our experience includes cases in state and federal courts and cases arising under common law and state and federal legislation, such as “Superfund” (CERCLA). We address each claim or potential claim aggressively and move quickly to resolve potential environmental disputes in order to avoid the need for litigation.

Religious Organizations

This firm has defended religious organizations in cases ranging from ordinary premises liability to allegations of sexual misconduct, negligent hiring and supervision, and other liabilities arising out of church activities. We have extensive experience with the underlying causes of action and with the constitutional issues raised by these lawsuits, and we are sensitive to the management issues of a religious organization.

Appellate Representation

Representation of our clients continues through all phases of the litigation process, including bringing matters before the appellate courts to address issues raised during discovery or at trial. Additionally, special interest groups often request our appellate services when pending litigation may affect their unique concerns. In such cases we inform the appellate courts of the impact of their decisions on the interests beyond the narrow parameters of the case under consideration. We have pursued appeals on behalf of our clients through all appellate courts of North Carolina and have pursued appeals in the federal courts through circuit courts and to the United States Supreme Court.