Insurance Defense

General Insurance

Our general liability practice includes the defense of all types of personal injury and insurance claims. Among the cases we handle are claims arising out of premises liability, automobile accidents, personal injury and wrongful death, and products liability. We make an extensive investigation of the facts, and we consult with experts concerning damages and any complexities presented by the facts. Our approach to these cases reflects our commitment to address each claim thoroughly and aggressively.

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation claims create a significant expense and exposure for many of our clients. We defend workers’ compensation claims with the same expertise and aggressive defense that we apply to all our cases. While handling workers’ compensation matters efficiently, and as expeditiously as the Industrial Commission’s docket permits, we strive to carefully analyze and defend each matter based on its individual strengths and weaknesses. Once again, our expertise in medical issues proves to be an asset in this area of the law.

Insurance Coverage

Our clients often require advice regarding the application or legal interpretation of insurance policies. We have extensive experience with virtually all standard policy forms and with many manuscript and “excess and surplus” policies. We also have significant experience conducting examinations under oath (EUO's) and have frequently litigated claims made under fire insurance and property damage policies. Members of this firm have been involved in a number of significant North Carolina and federal insurance coverage decisions in recent years.